Morphs is Live

Hey Morphs Fans,

The day has finally come! Morphs has been released to the App Store and is available to download free now! Please help us get Morphs to the top and GIVE US A 5 STAR REVIEW. A special thanks to everyone of our beta testers who helped produce such an awesome game! Look for more updates coming soon.

– Chinzilla

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11 Responses to Morphs is Live

  1. Thedarkone says:

    It doesn’t work on my ipod touch 2nd gen.

  2. cade says:

    hi… great game, but today when i came home from school i went to play morphs and it said that “you can still rescue your morph at the ranch”… what is that? and when i try to go to the ranch it automaticaly closes out. plez help!

  3. leo9891 says:

    Great game! Was hoping to come across some forums for this game, but nothing yet. Keep up the great work Chinzilla!

  4. Ryan says:

    Love this game. I do think it would be more fun if there were a nursery or something where morphs could mate. Also, I got to a point where I had so many morphs that the game overloaded and crashed whenever I tried to go into my farm to switch out my morphs… If that could be updated so it doesn’t crash, that would be awesome :)

  5. Cyrus says:

    hello I would like to know how to have all the morphs in your games because I can’t make HYDRA, BOOMKIN, SKIPPY and REX


    (ps: I’m French)

  6. Souhhey says:

    Are the updates coming out soon? Any new info?

  7. CBergerman1515 says:

    How many morphs can you fight with at once? I have two right now, if I hatch a third will I be able to fight with 3 at a time? Thanks.

  8. masonic999 says:

    thanks for the update but when is cloud kingdom coming out and add new morphs
    elements: air , light ,electric, darkness, metal. :)

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