Privacy Policy

Chinzilla's Privacy Policy is designed to provide clarity about the information we use or collect and how it provides a better mobile gaming experience.

Our Privacy Policy explains:

What information we collect and why.
What information we use but do not collect.
Our promise to you to keep your information private

Information we collect

We collect information to help track and report any bugs that hinder our user's gaming experience so that we can quickly identify and fix them. We also collect information about the user's device, specifically their UDID tied to each mobile device in order to uniquely identify each user and their purchases in our games so that if a problem occurs we can try and help fix them.

Device information - We may collect device-specific information (such as your hardware model, operating system version, or unique device identifiers). We collect this information in order to help track any model or os specific bugs so that we can quickly fix them.
In-App purchase history - We may collect a history of what in app purchases a user makes in our games in case of an issue with payments or customer satisfaction with their purchase. We try to help clarify and solve any issues that may arise and tracking this information helps us do this.
We promise to never sell or distribute this information to any person or company.

Information we use but do not collect

We use information to enhance your social experience in our mobile games. We may access your phone's contacts information or ask you to login to Facebook or GameCenter in order to easily invite your friends and family to play our games with you. We do not store this information nor do we distribute it.

Our promise

We promise to never sell or distribute any of your private information that we collect or use. We collect and use this data to improve our user's experience in game and treat matters of privacy very carefully and seriously.

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